Whether you're pregnant, caring for your baby, interested in mindful parenting, or wanting to live healthier, you've come to the right place.


Helping women feel confident in how they care for themselves, their family, and their homes by sharing knowledge, tools, community and support.

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A world where Mothers feel connected, inspired, informed and supported creating generational health and healing. 

Let's inspire each other to create generational wellness!

The Nest is a private community for mindful mamas to find REAL information, REAL advice, and REAL connection. It is a place to gather KNOWledge, explore resources, create friendships and feel supported. 

Join The Nest to connect to a network of diverse women. You will gain access to a web of educators, coaches, inspiring leaders, forums, social groups, resources, and events rooted in heartfelt guidance and support. 

From Pregnancy to Parenting, Know Mommy’s “Nest” is focused on helping you return to your roots, connect to nature, tune into your inner wisdom, and transform your goals into reality with a supportive community at your fingertips.

Every Mother needs a nest.

Meet the Founder

Janelle Johngrass


Janelle is grateful for the privilege of being part of this movement and community with you.

Janelle Johngrass is a Mother of 4, wife, passionate certified health coach, plant medicine advocate, public speaker, published writer and the founder of Know Mommy.

Like many new moms, when Janelle became pregnant for the first time she wanted to find support and information to make healthy choices for her pregnancy, birth, and to prepare for the challenges of raising a family. She found herself lost in a sea of articles and blogs, struggling to find care providers that aligned with her beliefs, and missing the personal connections she deeply desired with other women.

The idea for Know Mommy was born from her own struggle and experiences. Her journey brought her the passion and personal mission to help women feel supported, informed, and connected.

Janelle believes when women have access to community, education, resources and support they can tune into their inner wisdom, identify their values, transform their goals into action and facilitate healthy, sustainable behavior and lifestyle choices; these positive effects set the foundation for generational health.

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